That’s my blog!

Since I started to shoot, several years ago, I never felt the need to tell about my images. I believe the image itself have to be self explanatory, sometimes a title can drive the viewer to a specific directions you want to move him but that’s all.

That’s why in my blog I will not describe my images but I will describe how I shot them and maybe the mood I had when I shot.

In this blog I’ll tell you about some small tip and tricks, I will speak about equipment I’ve used and the challenges I had to face during the shooting.

I will try to show you my backstages so I will unveal you what’s behind a shooting.

I’ll tell you also something about the lighting tecniques I use and… since I held workshops on a regular base I sincerly hope you’ll be curios to learn more and I hope to have you as a my student for a One to one session or a group workshop!

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